Collection of Stories

I can perform any story from my repertoire. The performance can be comprised of a major work, a shorter work, or a combination of these. Each story has a soundtrack
• Corporate Entertainment • Arts and Music Festivals • Public and Private celebrations

Personalise a story

I can create a sand-artwork which tells your story in a uniquely personal and memorable way.
• Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays • Celebrate life events and milestones. • Turn your story into a piece of art

Customised Corporate

I can tailor-make a story to illustrate a specific subject or theme. These stories can be performed live at an event or produced as a video.
• Conferences • Private Commissions • Corporate Entertainment • Advertising and Promotion

"I love the dazzling power of dreams and Hypnagogia: the state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep."

Live Sand Art Performance Pieces

These are a selection of the pieces I have performed Live.  They include works commissioned by corporates, arts organisations and personalised projects.

Video Sand Art Produced Pieces

These are samples of digitally produced pieces that I have created.  These pieces are not required to be performed live I work with the client to create the customised story and then I perform and produce the final video in collaboration with a professional videographer.

Sand Art Paintings

You may purchase a sand paintings from a previous performance piece or request a particular image from a performance piece you have just attended.