"Creativity is a journey where the destination is unpredictable.
The secret is knowing when you have arrived".

In 2010 I started doing Sand Painting both as a live performance and in my studio. Sand Art involves drawing a series of pictures in sand on a lightbox to form a narrative. In my live performances the artwork is projected onto a screen and accompanied by a soundtrack. I have collaborated with a range of creative artists including painters, musicians, video animators, and actors. Sand Art has allowed me to combine my drawing skills, passion for telling stories and talent as an entertainer. 

 I began painting at art school in the early 1980s, had my first exhibition in 1987 in Sydney, and have been painting ever since. My paintings can be frenetic compositions full of whimsical detail or simple narrative scenes. They explore the delights and absurdities of the human condition and the impending political and environmental crisis.

“I have drawn pictures for as long as I can recall.” John Thiering